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Two Social Media Changes Confirming My Slowing Down

Between Facebook and Youtube, I’m getting the message to retire. I’m just not willing to pander to either of them and this is my problem I admit. I have other options in life and it’s time to move on them.

Facebook Just ‘Improved’ Again

Seriously, what a difference Facebook just made in how I want to use it.

Now, instead of simply clicking a link to take me to my garden-author page or the page for this blog, I have to change to that page identity. Instead of being Doug Green as an administrator of that page, I have to actually change personas to become Doug Greens Gardening. Or Douglas Green author.

This means I can wander Facebook making comments as Doug Greens Garden (a business account).

My business page can ask to be your friend on Facebook.

Frankly, I don’t want business accounts pretending to be individuals on my Facebook account nor do I want my author “business” to do it either.

A business I deal with has no need to see my personal posts other than to improve their advertising efforts (which is likely why Facebook made this change).

And the stats have changed.

And in order to see the stats of each post (did this kind of post help more or less gardeners?) I now have to click on every post (it used to show automatically under the post (readers couldn’t see it but I could.)

It’s just more of a hassle than it’s worth this morning.

Youtube Just Kicked Me Off Their Advertising Platform

Well, I get this one. I haven’t made a new video is quite some time and have been focussed on other creative activities. Apparently I no longer have enough people watching my videos to qualify me to receive a portion of the ads.

Any of these platforms rewards the more recent upload as more valuable than older content.

Given I used to make less than $15/month, it’s neither a problem nor an incentive to make more.

To be clear, Youtube will continue to advertise on my videos, I simply won’t receive a cut of those ads.

And who knows at this time whether I’ll even make more.

Moving Forward

I have a career change plan that’s becoming clearer in my head (you didn’t think I’d retire to sit and watch tv did you?) and I’ll post here when that begins to take shape in the real world.

Thanks for reading this far. It’s an interesting online world out there as the big guys fight for traffic and attention.

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