The Thirty Day Challenge

I signed up for Cal Newport’s email list and as one of the introductory emails, I received a “Thirty-Day Challenge” to focus solely on one project. Nothing else. I was challenged to limit it to just one project.  Note: I mentioned his books here

It’s an intriguing idea. I decided one of things I’ve long wanted to do was update all of my gardening ebooks. Make sure the formatting is consistent across all the ebooks, get improved covers uploaded and get back to testing them.

For the month of January 2022, that’s what I’ll be doing – upgrading all my ebooks. 

I”m also looking at other projects I can tackle in a 30-day window. 

And I’m only taking on one project at a time.

These are the possible 30-day projects I’m considering. Some may last  longer or be shorter than 30-days – I’ve already decided I can repeat a big project over multiple 30 day periods. But as nothing is carved in stone (not yet anyway – see the left hand column, bottom, for stone carving) I will modify the list as I go. It’s one of my “works in progress.”

my 30-day project board


You’ll see the 30 Days To Fitness is off by itself. That’s a mandatory one I’m not giving myself an option to ignore. 

In months where the number of days isn’t 30, I’ll modify the challenge to the number of days in the month.  I can track directly on a calendar hanging beside the white board (check mark on the days I hit my goals.) 

Bottom Line

I’m rather pleased with this process (for the moment). It allows me to focus on one area at a time and two things spring to mind.

  • I can continue with any given area for more than 30 days – repeating as I wish and
  • If something goes “south” it’s not the end of the world as I’ve only invested 30 days in that project.
  • Having a well-defined focus for a short period means I can relax knowing I can modify anything in the near future.

If you’re interested in following along as I report on this project (and others) click here

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