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The Google Search That Convinced Me To Stop Developing My Website

When I saw the results of this search, I pretty much decided I was done writing how-to articles about gardening.

Have you heard the saying, “You can’t fight city hall.”? This century’s version may be that you can’t fight Google search…

I Searched On Google

I wrote an article about the black spot on the bottom of tomatoes. It’s called Blossom End Rot and it’s caused by a water transport problem in the plant that results in a calcium deficiency.

The quick version is if the outside temperature is A) too hot or B) too cold the plant shuts down and water & calcium are not delivered or C) if you don’t water enough, the plant doesn’t get enough water to move the calcium.

None of these causes is a result of a lack of calcium or magnesium in the soil.

So the recommendation to add milk powder or epsom salts (which is magnesium) to stop this problem is wrong.

But when I searched on Google (in July 2020) for this issue, the entire first page of results (where most folks pick their answer) recommended either Epsom Salts or milk powder.

How Does A One Man Band Compete With Content Farms Producing Shitty Information?

Tough. Really, really tough.

I Know I’m Supposed To Keep On Keeping On

I know this but really, I’m just not interested in fighting the good fight any more for those who want instant answers. And frankly, those who don’t want to spend a few dollars to buy one of my ebooks to learn to garden properly aren’t my ideal reader anyway.

I wrote a book about tomatoes (now updated) which describes how to grow tomatoes and adds a bunch of research notes and tips on wringing the last ounce of fruit out of each plant.

I’ll post it on my Facebook author page when it’s been updated and live (p.s. I did. It resulted in one sale from the 500 gardeners who saw it so…)

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