Fred the Frog

Fertile minds wander across different short stories but Fred is my oldest and best friend.

Fred the Frog

I told my own children many of these stories as they were growing up.

The only thing you do have to understand is they aren’t really fiction. Fred is real and the most amazing frog you’d ever want to meet.

Fred is my oldest and best friend and we’ve had many adventures of the years. I’ve written about them here for you (every one is the honest truth btw). And before you ask, yes – Fred is a frog, but a talking one.

Fred the frog meets an alligator. We visited Florida and out in the country, we found a really scenic pond and…. well, you’d better watch the video.

Fred the frog meets a cactus – Fred just kept getting into trouble on our trip (which sounds just about like him at the bet of times) but this time, the lesson was learned.

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