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Short And Sweet Still Rules

Short and sweet is one of those double-edged sword things we think it’s really good for “other people” to learn.


I posted a story – a long story – about Fred and An Alligator.

  • The video I uploaded was long – about 16 minutes (speaking speed is approximately 100 words a minute) and it was too long as the stats were clear that nobody watched it right through to the end (at least until the date of this post.)
  • As it turns out, the majority of people didn’t read all the words in the complete story either as the “time on page” stats were far too short unless every one of you is a speed reader.

My guess is folks read the first paragraph or two and then scrolled to the bottom to read the ending.

So – it was a good lesson albeit a disappointing one.

Short and sweet still rules online


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