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Setting The Objectives For Doug 5.0

So this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s one thing to write about doing a self-experiment and it’s quite another thing to post the starting points and report on the embarrassment of my lack of fitness.

The voice in the back of my head chuckles at my discomfort and points out the end points to this project will be different if I can keep my act together. And knowing I’m going to have to write and post both the successes and failures has a serious motivating effect.

Physical Objectives

These are the easiest to identify but potentially the most “interesting” to discuss.


Back down to playing weight in university at 185 pounds but ideally anywhere below 180 to high school playing weight.

  • Currently 201 thanks to a year of Covid popcorn eating.

Note I have a mesomorphic body type (shorter, thicker). Think football running back rather than long-distance runner or basketball player. These types of body weights are almost always heavier than the recommended health guidelines for the age/sex your doctor will quote.

Fitness Targets

I have no idea where to begin on this so I’m picking what I hope are very low fitness numbers and working up from there.

I expect to exercise strength and cardio 3 times a week and do Yoga (flexibility) 5x week.

I’m keeping the numbers in old-fashioned paper notebooks on my desk and I’ll share them as I develop baselines and results.


I already have a walking routine so will continue doing approximately 2 miles a day for 5-7 days a week.


I will eliminate snacks in the evening as a first step.

What about a “real” diet? Well, maybe. There are only so many changes I can realistically make in a short time. If you find yourself in this position you might want to read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

Note, I’ve put this book on my reread pile and will review it shortly.

Common Problem:

A very common problem in these kinds of weight loss plans is to overestimate the weight loss you can achieve and underestimate the difficulty in achieving it.

And as I said above, taking on too many new habits in a short time is almost a recipe for failure.

The Real Objective

While the numbers are guesses, my real objectives for this first week or two are to

  1. establish the habit of exercising and
  2. avoid snacks.

The numbers will become relevant slowly but surely as the habit sinks into my daily routine and I find the appropriate workout levels.

I’ll report regularly on this adventure – and the amendments I make – just to keep myself honest.

Personal Update on Exercise Programme

I wrote this two weeks or so before it was published.

My fitness project took a whack when I blew out one part of my thigh-muscle (quadriceps) moving stone.

My “exercise” currently consists of: stair work (hobbling up and down stairs to my office) and deep knee bending (lowering myself gingerly onto the couch.) Oh, and there’s marathon hobbling to the refrigerator for a beer, high jumping onto a dining room chair for meals, and long distance running when I hobble out to the car to drive my sweetie for our shopping trips.

I’ll get back to you…

Join me for regular updates as I rebuild my fitness and health levels

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