You’ve Landed On My Personal Blog

You clicked on a link to go to one of my pen names at (D.Frank Green) for a short story or looking for one of the fiction books I wrote.

And you wound up here. I can hear you asking, “Really? What’s with this?”

I killed the fiction website because it was time to move on to some other creative projects. The books I wrote under D.Frank Green are on Amazon right here

This website – is a bit of this and a bit of that – where I report on some of the things I create, read, research or rant about. It’s being rebuilt bit by bit as well due to some technical issues. Click here for the main page. is the home site for my gardening and ebook writing to help folks garden better and use organic techniques.

Feel free to subscribe to this site or my gardening site, these are the only two sites I anticipate keeping alive and active as I pursue other goals in life.

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