COVID and Seniors

We’re now COVID boostered and the data about not getting sick (14 days after the shot) is truly encouraging.  We’ll continue wearing masks as I understand we could still pass it along to others and a mask will prevent this.  But when the booster settles in, we can rejoin society.

I’ve been reading how difficult this COVID and seniors interaction is for the elderly after this length of time. And I confess, even though I’m extremely unlikely to catch COVID, I’m apprehensive about it.

The data I’ve read suggests we seniors have been “trained” to avoid people because for the last two years, one infected person could kill us.  And thank you very much, I wanted to avoid that if possible.

I can confirm it’s difficult to think about interacting with a large group of maskless people.

Bottom Line

You’re going to have to be patient with recalcitrant seniors in your life as they slowly get used to not wearing a bulls eye on their chests.


I’ve upped meditations to twice a day and doing some visualizations about being in crowds.

Also, I’ve put myself on a diet (do you know how effective ice cream is at reducing anxiety?) 😉

So this is the new “normal” and it’s time to truly learn to embrace it.  I expect we’ll all be getting a yearly COVID booster just like we get our yearly flu shot.

Welcome to the hyper connected world where an individual halfway round the world is your next door neighbour.


If you can’t beat them, join them

I’m not a massive fan of spending a lot of time with social media – don’t have it on my cell phone or ipad – because I’m weak-willed and if I got a ping saying, “You have new posts” (or whatever they’re using now) I’d be there in a heartbeat.

I’d spend time on social media instead of writing and reading and frankly, I’m a writer not a social media maven so I’ll stick to writing.

But having said that, I know a lot of you are stronger willed than I appear to be and enjoy social media so I’m going to use it as a way to tell you when I post something here.

And yes, I’ve got software to do this for me.

But I want to make it fun for both of us so I’ll be adding different kinds of useful content in different formats.

Stay tuned – here or (now) on Facebook.

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Rough Notes On My Future View Of Creating Content

I’m feeling very much an endangered dinosaur species this morning as I make notes, review the latest on my online trends, and fiddle with getting the intravenous coffee hook up working.  Creating anything isn’t on the top of my mind until my caffeine stream has been replenished.

Here’s a personal take on the non-fiction content world. 

  • Online text notes – like the majority of my websites – aren’t quite dead. But they are an endangered species. 
  • Video and audio will continue to grow in popularity and displace more and more text.
  • YouTube and Facebook are the two biggest content delivery systems.

The short version of this impact is creators can make videos and upload them to both Youtube and Facebook rather than maintaining individual websites. Or, the content can be linked to a creator’s website but the main viewing will be done on Youtube and Facebook.

Personal websites will increasingly become backwaters in the information highway we’ve created.

For the immediate future, these personal websites will survive as reflections of the creators personality and as a home base to collect emails for a newsletter, but the financials have already shifted to YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon. And the writer-reader relationship will shift there if it hasn’t already.

While I can create notes and how-to posts reasonably quickly to meet seasonal questions a video takes three to four times longer to produce. 

And because I live out on an island, I can make and drink a pot of morning coffee in the time it takes to upload a video. 

Creators such as myself will adapt, remain a niche/cult or become irrelevant to crowd-sourced social media data.

And that my friends is where the net sits now. Imho.

What’s this mean for me? 

I can’t do it all. Nor do I want to anymore.

And this – the what, where and how much time –  is what I’m evaluating now.


My guess – off the top of my head – is that Amazon ebooks will remain the most viable source of creator income for the immediate future. And it’s certainly my main creative focus at the moment.

I invite you to subscribe and follow along as I dissect the writing and creating worlds.

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