crazy week

A Crazy Week Went Sideways

It must have been the rain. Or, friends and family visiting. Or, not enough alcohol. Or…

Well, I have no idea why my week went sideways, up-ways, down-ways and just plain crazy-ways.

I started messing about with Google Web Stories software and after a few hours with the app, manuals etc. I asked myself the critical question of why I was planning of turning one of my books into an electronic fun house of strange technology?

Why was I thinking of making interactive videos to explain X and Y in gardening when I already had that information in an ebook? Why give the data away for free when readers resisted paying $.99 for it?

Why spend a week of my life so website visitors could get the info for free and avoid spending a buck?

I couldn’t come up with a good answer other than the old one that’s always stood me in good stead – I tell web stories and this is new software and I’d like to see if my readers like it. (And I confess, I really like playing with bright and shiny new software.) 🙂

I spent the morning, pushing and pulling bits of “easy to use” boxes hither and yon on the page (mostly “yon” I think as a few of them disappeared all by themselves). But then I deleted the software as it was a time sucker. I find it fascinating though with what might be accomplished in interactive learning when the software matures a bit.

The data is already on my website. Or video. Or, it’s in an ebook. And it’s a $ buck or a couple.

I’m over it.

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