retirement didn't work

My Retirement Plan Didn’t Work

To be honest, not a lot has gone as “planned” this winter so far. (The thirty day challenge ran into some major roadblocks. I’d make a list of those things but it would be a bit longish.) Here’s the major challenge though.

The Major Problem With The Retirement Plan?

I decided to take several more steps towards retirement and whacked a bunch of projects off my to-do list. One of the projects I whacked was the ebook upgrading one.

The ebooks are still good value for the cost (imho) so why spend the money/time when I’m taking steps to have my next mid-life crisis and increase my creative focus. (I’ve lost track of what number this is but I do know I’m into the double digits on “mid-life changes.”)

Remember my basic question in retirement – “If not now, when?”

Instead of Upgrading Ebooks

Instead of upgrading ebooks as a primary project, I asked myself what other projects or changes I’d like to make in a more general way.

I sacrificed a lot of trees in the notebooks I used to explore my retirement future. However, the outcome was to get a good hold on what “retirement” is going to mean to me moving forward.

As an aside, if you’re considering or are retired, let me suggest a similar project and answering this kind of question. “What would I do if I only had 1 year, (1 month, 1 week or 1 day)?”

My Retirement Planning Started To Gain Some Focus

I want to do (in “no” order of importance)

  • A bit of stone carving (sharply)
  • Clay sculpture (messily)
  • Wood carving (silently with no barking) 😉
  • Writing fiction (imaginatively)
  • Dry stone walling (heavily)
  • My garden (bountifully)
  • Reading (voraciously)
  • Education courses (widely)
  • Garden blogging (opinionatedly) but on a “when I feel like it” timeline.
  • Supporting Ms. Mayo in her creative life (lovingly)
  • Maintaining my physical health (decidedly) and reporting on the 5.0 project
  • Whatever is new and novel I discover (wondrously)
  • My family (happily)
  • And yes, upgrading some of my garden ebooks.

Note my health, family and Mayo have precedence and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Also, I’m not sure how this fits into the 30 Day Challenge idea so I’ll have to get back to you on this.

Click here if you want to follow along as I work to change the focus of a creative lifestyle?

2 thoughts on “My Retirement Plan Didn’t Work”

  1. Hey Doug,
    It would not be you, if you were not reevaluating what you are doing on a regular basis.

    May your retirement be all you want from it and may your health be even better!

    All the best to you both!!

  2. I love this!
    I have been listening to you in some way for many years so thank you as I have learned a lot!
    I love the work Ms Mayo does, it’s all beautiful and thank you for sharing! I think I want a Doug mug LOL

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