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Living A Creative Life Is What We Do

Dear Elizabeth

I thought about writing notes encouraging you to live a creative life;  passing on specific bits of info from my almost–30 years in the writing trenches but it quickly bogged down into maudlin advice from an old fart. Or that’s how it seemed to me. And besides, the advantage of being young is the ability to learn from your own mistakes with the time to recover and do it again properly.  And hence, you can easily ignore maudlin old–fart advice.

Having said that, I fully intend to plunge headlong down the warren of advice giving.

Being young, and creative can be really frustrating. You have so much to say, but no easy way to say it nor the mature skill set that makes your words work and reflect what’s really in your brain. 

On that note, I have good news and bad news. You will always have a lot to say so that’s the good news. And even more good news is you will likely develop an audience who wants to read your writing. And even more good news is that your words will become better. 

The bad news is they’ll seldom match what you really want to say, which exists in your head in its full glory of shades of meaning. 

But when the words and the brain match, it is as if a fog lifts over the channel and the mainland comes into clear view connecting you with your world.

That is until the next morning when you challenge yourself to do it again.

We live for those moments of creative work. We live for the moments when all is right in the world and the stars line up. But also be clear we live for the challenge of writing even when it’s not working and we revert back to sucking our thumbs in a neutral corner. We live for the challenge and the struggle.

It’s what we do.

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