apologies for learning curve

Learning Curve And Apology

There’s nothing quite like screwing up in public with my readers….

This morning (Oct 2) the first update from this unified site went out. So far so good.

We have three options for subscribing (dark, light and 5.0)

I clicked the buttons for all three assuming the software would send out one email to every individual on the list. (By the way – ever break down the word assume? (Ass of U and Me.)

That assumption was in error.

If you subscribed to two groups, you got two newsletters. In my case (and I suspect some of yours) three newsletters appeared in my inbox.

Humble Apologies

My apologies – really – for filling your inbox.

I console myself by repeating my common mantra – “If that’s the worst thing that happens today, life is good.”

Thanks for understanding.

Moving Forward

I’ll be creating individual newsletters for each group. A bit more work on my part but then each will be more useful.

And I won’t have to write apologies.

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