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The April 28 Version

I’ve been “away” on some other projects and having finished those up I’m rebooting some of the writing I really want to do. (Note when they wave a cheque in front of your face, you pay attention. Ah, the life of a freelance writer…)

In celebration of one gabillionaire buying Twitter from other gabillionaires, Here are 50 tweets that sum up what being in your 30’s is like. Click here to read.

Open Culture is an amazing website and every now and then they post links to free courses. Here’s the latest one listing 1700 free courses. Go follow the site itself if you’re interested in cultural conversations or take a course or three.

Understanding War. I’m interested in the study of war in civilizations across history and this website is one of the better ones to help people like me understand the nuances of this most-ancient of human activities. Their coverage of the Ukrainian war is particularly good (without a political axe to grind)

I can’t decide if this is Tom Swift Jr or Doctor Dolittle but all I know is I want a ride.

Thanks for reading.

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