if not now, when

If Not Now, When?

My note to myself – “If not now, when?” this morning consisted of admonishments to be kind to myself as I make this next transition.


This midlife crisis (my tenth) opened a door to an old love – sculpture. I’ve already taken my first steps through that door with some stone carving and sculpture work.

At its heart, sculpture is another form of storytelling and I’m excited to explore my options.

Why Be Kind?

Well…. My first attempts the other day with clay were, at best, bad.  Great if I was in grade one but….

female torso sculpture

“Torso” 1985. Douglas Green. Mortar.

I quickly understood that I needed to:

  • Retrain my hands
  • Pick projects suited to my skill level (or slightly higher but not the mountain top)
  • Garbage anything that truly sucks and recycle the clay
  • Be kind to myself in this transition.

But… Damn, it felt good to see a shape emerging beneath my hands again.

So the answer to “if not now, when?” is coming down to “soon.”

What I’m Reading

Great Book of Celtic Patterns.  L.S. Irish.

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