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I Stopped Writing Author Newsletters

Author newsletters are supposed to provide a way to both inform readers about new posts and form a relationship with those readers.

Personally, I dislike the newsletters where the author tries to form a relationship by oversharing about their personal life and fluffy pets. 

I prefer meat with my email rather than candyfloss.

So what I’ve just done is automate the entire process. 

How is this different from other authors? 

Rather than spend time composing and laying out a separate email, the email is set up from my website’s RSS feed.

For those who don’t know, blogs such as this one have an automatically-generated file that is called a “feed”.  Any change in the website’s main content – publishing a new post for example – triggers an update to this feed.

The Software Process Explained

  • My software reads the additions in the site.
  • The software then sends out an email to readers notifying them of that addition.
  • In my case, I’ve set it up so the three most recent posts go out every time a new post is added to the RSS feed.  (The new post and the two previously published posts.)
  • I can still manually send out a post if I have something to share that’s unrelated to a blog post.

And this means all the sharing and fluffy pet posts will be on the website (I don’t have any fluffy pets btw). 

 This Means

I can do what I do – write, and the software does what it does – distribute.

And it saves me several hours a week between my various website adventures.

p.s. I can still manually write a reader update if I really want to highlight something.

p.p.s. If you’re reading this in your email, it came from the automated system.

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