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Hell Yeah Or No

I’ve been faced with a lot of choices in the past few months as I disengage from old projects and adopt new ones. (as an aside, there are few things as powerful as a world-wide epidemic to focus your attention on the truly important stuff.) I remembered a mantra from “back in the day” and hunted down the author.

Derek Sivers produced a lot of content, and one thing that stuck with me was his approach to projects. When approached with an idea, his response was either ‘Hell Yeah” or “No”. If he couldn’t get excited about the project in a major way (Hell Yeah!) then he turned it down. There was no middle ground. If he couldn’t get truly excited about a project, he didn’t do it.

I’ve adopted this mantra over the last few months as I evaluated the project lists I keep.

  • I was updating DougGreensGarden.com, but a quick analysis showed there were no tangible results other than better looking posts. Hell no.
  • The outlines for two other gardening books went into the same Hell no category.
  • Stone walls around the garden. Hell yeah
  • Stone walled compost bins. Yes.
  • Losing Covid’s weight gain. Hell yeah.
  • Learn yoga. Yes.
  • Read Durant’s ‘The Story of Civilization’ Finally!
  • Writing the fantasy bumping around in my head. Yes, indeed.
  • Writing fiction. Yes.
  • Posting garden notes when and if the spirit moves me rather than on a schedule. Hell yeah.
  • Feeling free to change my mind. You have to know that’s going to happen.
  • Feel guilty about abandoning other projects. Nope, no longer.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Unless the idea really charges up my creative urge, it’s not going to happen.

And in case, I slip into my old ways, my screen saver now reminds me with a ‘Hell Yeah or No!” message across the screen.

Check out his website, there are some classic posts there that may speak to you the same way “Hell Yeah or No,” just changed my creative direction.

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