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From Full to 300 In A Single Generation

I’ve been thinking about the Net these past few weeks and how it has changed in the over 25 years I’ve been writing online.

My first website was registered on October 15, 1997.

A European-trained head gardener (that man had forgotten more than I knew) and I were chatting about the Net and how he didn’t think it was possible to explain complicated garden procedures in 1000 words or less. (note: 1000 words was the Google-recommended length of post back then)

I agreed with him but it was my job to try.

Twenty-five years later, I’m that guy and you now only have 300 words or a one-minute video.

From books and full magazine articles to 300 words in a generation.

This – by the way – isn’t a complaint. It’s an observation about how things change. And how those of us who create for a living have to constantly adapt or ….

3 thoughts on “From Full to 300 In A Single Generation”

  1. What seems to be missing is context. There are some situations where 300 words is appropriate, others where full article or book length is appropriate. People need, want, and respond to the range. It’s not quite so absolute as it appears.

    1. Carolyn – thanks for letting me clarify. I was writing about online posts (maybe I wasn’t clear enough about that) – and those have changed for sure. You write a 2000 word *online* story or blog post and it’s just not getting read (maybe by the most ardent of followers) But yes, I agree the method of delivery (books, magazines etc) determines the content and length. I also suspect if you checked the word counts for magazine articles over the last 15 years, you’d find they have shortened as well (with more images) but I haven’t done the research on those.

  2. The joy of reading, the feel of turning the book pages is priceless. I too adapt enjoy the short reads to peak my curiosity and explore for details. I am a life long learner.

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