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Five Thoughts I’m Working On

I’ve been working like a beaver on reimagining and rethinking what my so-called, creative retirement looks like.  There are a ton of questions in my notes and few concrete answers at this time. (But the potential answers are shining out on my notes as I collect and rewrite them on summary pages.)

This post is a followup post to this one.

First Thought

Don’t laugh at this post. But really, if you do – have a good one.

Seriously. I’m a creative with a hundred ideas roiling around in my brain at any given moment.  It took a lot of thinking and I killed a lot of trees in those notebooks and went through the nibs on several fountain pens over the past year to finally come to these thoughts and get them down on paper.

Second Thought

I’ve come up with three questions as of the end of June 2021

  • Does this activity help me be a better person?
  • Does this activity help me live longer?
  • Does this activity help me create cool shit?

These three are the key questions but I felt I needed a few extra notes to clarify some points in my own head. 

Third Thought

  • Does this activity help me sell books or other creative outputs?  
  • Is selling the main objective or am I doing it for the sheer hell of creation.

Fourth Thought

Is it fun?  Because if it’s not fun, there better be a damn good reason I’m doing it.

Finally, Number Five

Is it going to help somebody else?

Bottom Line

  • I’m going to work/attempt to apply these questions to as many of the things I’m currently doing (or planning on doing). I’m crafting my own creative retirement and I think these five thoughts/questions are a good starting point.
  • The things I’ll be doing don’t have to tick all of the above points but they do have to focus on more than one of the above thoughts (and the more, the merrier.)

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