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Five Steps To Dream A Creative Retirement

I’ve never taken a “How to retire” course or even read anything about retiring. I’ve just never seriously thought about it. Retire to what? Do something different other than tell stories? Seriously? I want to tell more stories….. (Oh, there’s a retirement project – tell more stories. Didn’t take long did it? What’s so hard about that?)

I’m a storyteller.

If I stopped doing that, what would I do? Frankly, I can’t stop telling stories – as my friends will tell you. (Give that man a beer or glass of scotch and stand back – his whole conversation is one giant story. Good friends say there’s a healthy dose of B.S. in those stories but that’s what good friends are for.)

Is There A Process To Discover Your Retirement Dream?

My “process” for this next phase of my creative career started with my fountain pens and several blank (really, really inexpensive) 250 page notebooks. And yes, it was harder than it looks and I killed a lot of trees in the process.

My creative muse – that voice in the back of my head which we may talk more about in future posts – asks, “Aren’t you going to tell them about the gallons of coffee and those forty-ouncers of scotch whisky?”

OK- lots of morning coffee and ending my day with an ounce of really good whiskey. Happy now?


I arrived at these five steps.

Every step along the way – every tiny step towards each of the five big steps – gets written down in morning notes.

The Five Steps

#1 Reimagine myself – dream wildly with zero limitations.

#2 Reinvent myself to those dreams. Who is it I must become? How must I behave?

#3 Re-educate myself – it isn’t going to happen without work of some kind.

#4 Rebuild based on #1, #2 and #3

#5 Relaunch and do those things or be that person (one small step at a time)

A sixth step – but you’ve figured this out already- is to constantly check and recheck and evaluate. This is a two steps forward, one step backwards kind of change.

And My Retirement?

Stay tuned, it’s already in progress.

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