Five Online Writing Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

Here are five online writing lessons I really did learn the hard way – by making the mistakes and doing my best to learn from them.

1st Writing Lesson: There is so much online for free, it seems most people will only take the free. p.s. I get it – I like free as much as the next person.

2nd Lesson: I only need 1000 True Fans who will buy everything I create to make a living.

3rd Lesson: I don’t have the above even after a lifetime of garden writing.

4th Lesson: #3 being accurate, I am free to do whatever the hell I want.

5th Lesson: I now do what I do – whatever that is – because it makes me happy. And not to make anyone else happy.

And there they are. Five writing lessons I learned the hard way.

writing lessons

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