Creative Retirement Planning Alert

I’ve struggled with the concept of retirement planning for almost a year now and just decided this will be a creative retirement. I can hear you asking, “What’s a creative retirement and how is it different than any other retirement?”

Retirement Planning Isn’t One Of My Strong Points

Many folks plan for their retirement and continue to do so even after they’ve slowed down.

My experience doesn’t makes me feel productive because there’s *always* something that comes along that interests me more than slowing down. I note that some of my “slow down” appears to be genetic and age-related. For example, “all-nighters” are a distant memory, I avoid “late nighters” most of the time, and “early to bed” is an effective coping mechanism for my early rising.

I Eliminated The Production Schedule.

I intend to release my new projects when I finish them. There’s no schedule, just a monster to-do list I edit from time to time.

I add projects when they intrigue me and delete them when they’re finished or I’m no longer interested.

In short, instead of really working, I can plan on working.

retirement planning

Stay tuned for the next project because it’s lining up right behind this decision. And who knows whether it will be a real project or a planned-project. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Creative Retirement Planning Alert”

  1. Early to bed does help early to rise I find.
    What I have discovered about retirement. I have my own schedule for what and when tasks. I’d. What I want to do when I want to do!

    1. Yeah – I hear you on the “early to bed” thing – my internal clock seems to be doing the same slippage thing. Earlier to bed and earlier to rise. I think I have to rediscover my “teen gene” that allowed me to sleep in…

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