COVID and Seniors

We’re now COVID boostered and the data about not getting sick (14 days after the shot) is truly encouraging.  We’ll continue wearing masks as I understand we could still pass it along to others and a mask will prevent this.  But when the booster settles in, we can rejoin society.

I’ve been reading how difficult this COVID and seniors interaction is for the elderly after this length of time. And I confess, even though I’m extremely unlikely to catch COVID, I’m apprehensive about it.

The data I’ve read suggests we seniors have been “trained” to avoid people because for the last two years, one infected person could kill us.  And thank you very much, I wanted to avoid that if possible.

I can confirm it’s difficult to think about interacting with a large group of maskless people.

Bottom Line

You’re going to have to be patient with recalcitrant seniors in your life as they slowly get used to not wearing a bulls eye on their chests.


I’ve upped meditations to twice a day and doing some visualizations about being in crowds.

Also, I’ve put myself on a diet (do you know how effective ice cream is at reducing anxiety?) 😉

So this is the new “normal” and it’s time to truly learn to embrace it.  I expect we’ll all be getting a yearly COVID booster just like we get our yearly flu shot.

Welcome to the hyper connected world where an individual halfway round the world is your next door neighbour.


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