Consistency Is For Lesser Mortals

Almost every morning for me is like Christmas with a new idea, a new book, or a new image capable of penetrating a busy mind.

But understand, I do not create by your hours or on a timeline.

I do not follow your concepts of what should be. Or, how it should be done. 

And I no longer expect some of you to understand this as you cement yourselves into your old age. I fight that stickiness with all of my being.

My creative world reflects outwards in many ways – back into a broader world of constant change, and adaptation.

In my world if I’m doing the same thing, or telling the same story each and every day with different words, I am failing.

I have packed several lives into this one mortal coil, and if I had one regret, it would be my kid brother died far too young to reflect together on our adventures.

So then, I create.

I create something different every time I fill a fountain pen, turn the page, open a word processor, build a link or dictate a sentence. 

Creation in my world also happens when I knead some clay, pick up a stone hammer, stone chisel, place a stone on a wall or sow a seed into the cracks in that stone wall to grow and bloom.

It also happens when I delete the old work behind me to make way for the fresh work. Hint: stay tuned…

And as I create, I change and grow ever deeper as a creator.

And that, gentle reader is how I see all things this morning.

In some psychological models of personality, trying to put a real creator into any kind of box or expect consistency is considered a serious waste of time. 


I inhabit a body with a creative personality type, and I will drive anyone batshit crazy who’s intent on ongoing creative consistency (an oxymoron if there ever was one.)

Finally, creators easily hold conflicting points of view in their heads.

Note that partners of creatives are either true creatives themselves or saints, (mine is both.)

Note: my tongue is firmly in my cheek with the title of this blog but it’s sure to enrage someone out there.

3 thoughts on “Consistency Is For Lesser Mortals”

  1. Interesting intro looking forward to hearing more. Throw in a garden wall photo once in a while for old times sake.

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