In The Beginning Of Time

In the beginning of time, the peoples of all colours lived in one land together, under one sun and one god.

But the people were blind to the god and fought amongst their coloured selves.

The god sent the peoples away: the black-skinned peoples to the south, the pale white-skinned to the north, yellow-tinted peoples to the far east and those with red skin were transported across the seas to the west so that all would live separately in peace and prosper.

And the god divided itself into four equal incarnations to go with the people and deliver lessons on which the people could base their honour and lives.

But the people ignored the lessons of the gods, foolishly believing their colour and their god was the only true colour and god. The peoples invented war and slavery and lost their souls.

The gods themselves then fought for their people and this ancient world was lost under the rushing waters as a result of their battles.


This translation of an ancient clay tablet delivers a powerful origin story and it should be noted the flood is integral to it.

The Atalantean Chronicles


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These Are The Stories Of The Survivors

Before the armies of the the Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians, Medes, and even centuries before the great Assyrian Empire, the human melting pot on the steppes was a churning mass of small tribes struggling for survival.

They would become known to those ancient Assyrians, who’d created the second great human empire, as the Umman Manda – the savages beyond.

We’ve learned about these peoples through their funeral mounds (called Kurgans) that dot the Eurasian steppes. These mounded up earthen structures have yielded a treasure trove of information about the early history of man because of a unique characteristic. 

In the more northerly regions, after the dirt mound was constructed, the burial rites completed with the sacrificial human bodies and everything they’d need in the afterlife interred, the entrance holes were plugged solid with dirt. Then an interesting thing would happen.

The roof would leak in the summer rains and then that water would freeze during the long winters. 

Because it was well insulated with soil, some of the ice wouldn’t thaw during the next summer season. But it would continue leaking, absorbing water and freezing it until it turned into a mass of ice that exists to this day. Archeologists have thawed some of these frozen mounds to discover undisturbed and perfectly preserved remains.

And what we know from the archeologists and these remains is this area was the first true melting pot of humanity. 

Before the blond, blue-eyed peoples moved into northern Europe, they lived here. Before the red-haired peoples who’d become known as Celts and Goths occupied central Europe, their ancestors were part of this greater mix. Before the shorter, swarthy peoples with epicanthic folds marking their eyes centralized and organized and moved further east – some as far as North America –  they lived here.

And in this melting pot, all aspects of humanity mingled. For example, we know that Ghengis Khan was a redhead. We know of short, swarthy Kings with much taller, blue-eyed wives. We know of…

We know a great many stories of the peoples who’ve left records of their interactions in the mounds that we can study.

But there are other peoples who wandered far and wide and left no trace of their passing for regular archeologists to find. They’ve left their histories in the stories and legends that have survived to be told and retold.

From the telling around campfires to the illustrated manuscripts of early literature, their stories have survived. Some are still passed down today, or modified for our entertainment on television or the Net.

These are the stories of the first great human empire, Atalantea.

Some of these stories, thoroughly discounted by modern science you understand, suggest some of the people from this time have survived.

These are their stories. You’ll have to be the judge of truth or fiction.

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