I Have A Brain

While there are days when I wonder if I do indeed have a functioning brain, I can now answer the question in the affirmative.

Not only do I have a brain, but I can share it with you. (Nothing kinky here!) 😉

I read extensively and, as most writers do, collect information compulsively.

This bit of software allows me to collect, index and share information with readers if I choose.

And I decided, what the heck, you might find some of the resources I find interesting and useful in your own life.

You’ll find the brain here. And it’s now on the navigation menu as well.

It’s rather fun what technology will do isn’t it.

Link Post: Napping, Alzheimer’s and Apples Plus Burnout

As this is the first post in this series, let me explain what I’m doing. I read a lot and when I find something useful or intriguing, I send myself the links.

I have hundreds of these in my Evernote file and I decided you might like to see some of things I find interesting/useful so I’ve decided to share them with you on an ongoing basis.

Cocoa flavanols can boost memory in older people, study says

An apple a day can reduce Alzheimer’s risk, scientists say

The Science of Siestas: The Genetic Basis for Daytime Napping – Neuroscience News

What Causes Burnout and How To Prevent It

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