Links For March 26/2021

Here are a few interesting links I found this past week.

Note this is a new/old feature I’m rebooting to share just a few of the articles I find.

What’s the most dangerous personality type?

Science has figured it out apparently. “A new “dangerous” character trait dubbed “dark empathy” has been identified by scientists — but do you possess it?”

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U.S. Government Releases Classified UFO Report With Huge, Intriguing Redactions.

Name a better duo than the US government and hiding secrets about UFOs. We’ll wait.

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Neuroscientist Ponders Whether People Remain Conscious After Having Their Heads Chopped Off

Here’s a macabre question: how long can the brain continue to process information after being severed from its body? Do we actually see our lives flash before our eyes? And how long does it take to actually lose consciousness after such a catastrophic injury?

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The Entire Conger Ice Shelf Has Collapsed.

NASA scientist says complete collapse of ice shelf as big as Rome during unusually high temperatures is ‘sign of what might be coming’

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I hope you found (at least) one of these interesting. I’ll continue to share interesting links as they roll across my desk. All topics, all sources.

Link Post: Napping, Alzheimer’s and Apples Plus Burnout

As this is the first post in this series, let me explain what I’m doing. I read a lot and when I find something useful or intriguing, I send myself the links.

I have hundreds of these in my Evernote file and I decided you might like to see some of things I find interesting/useful so I’ve decided to share them with you on an ongoing basis.

Cocoa flavanols can boost memory in older people, study says

An apple a day can reduce Alzheimer’s risk, scientists say

The Science of Siestas: The Genetic Basis for Daytime Napping – Neuroscience News

What Causes Burnout and How To Prevent It

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