In The Beginning Of Time

In the beginning of time, the peoples of all colours lived in one land together, under one sun and one god.

But the people were blind to the god and fought amongst their coloured selves.

The god sent the peoples away: the black-skinned peoples to the south, the pale white-skinned to the north, yellow-tinted peoples to the far east and those with red skin were transported across the seas to the west so that all would live separately in peace and prosper.

And the god divided itself into four equal incarnations to go with the people and deliver lessons on which the people could base their honour and lives.

But the people ignored the lessons of the gods, foolishly believing their colour and their god was the only true colour and god. The peoples invented war and slavery and lost their souls.

The gods themselves then fought for their people and this ancient world was lost under the rushing waters as a result of their battles.


This translation of an ancient clay tablet delivers a powerful origin story and it should be noted the flood is integral to it.

The Atalantean Chronicles


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