Doug’s Dragons

OK. I really let the imagination run free and wild over the past few weeks. Filled even more notebooks and tried to get my thoughts together before snow hits the ground.

At this point, you might snort. It seems “get my thoughts together” activities have been sorely lacking in this office for the past few covid-laced months.

Between you and me, (and now the entire damn Internet) it was a classic case of creative burnout. Not the first time I’ve been there, done that, but hopefully the last.

For the record, I’m bouncing back nicely. 😉 Creatively.

So what now?

I’ve always loved dragons. And they get such a terrible reputation from evil knights who see killing an honest dragon as a way to a faire maiden’s heart.

Dragons are just like people, there are good ones and not-so-good ones. Smart ones and not-so-smart ones. There are….. (well, you get the idea)

The new dragon website project is at the dreaming stage. Not much to see there and I’ll let you know here when I get the email/story setup built.

In a previous note, I posted about my new Atalantea project here.

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