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Being Retired Gives Me New Options

Apparently I’m now retired and I’m adapting to this new stage in my life faster and faster. The first year after I was summarily told, “You’re retired,” by my better half was rather “interesting” as I sorted out what this really meant.

Did I have to stop doing stuff and clean up the golf clubs? Do I …. Or, should I…

If I told you I have a year’s worth of morning notes working out what it means to be a retired writer/creator, that should be enough to illustrate the point.

I filled notebook after notebook with ideas and angst. Until I finally sorted it out.

Being retired means I have choices every morning.

I get to decide which of my many projects I want to tackle or indeed even if I want to take on anything.

Don’t feel like writing about gardening? OK – don’t. Want to make a video? OK – do. Want to take the day off? Fine by me. Want to outline a new fiction book? Sounds like fun.

Get the picture? I haven’t stopped writing and creating but I’ve really taken the load off by having the freedom to pick and choose some, all or none of the above every morning over coffee.

In many ways, it’s increased the idea generating part of my brain. My morning notes are more positive (even with Covid) and yet I have a rather large problem.

I have so many choices. Too many choices and ideas. LOL. Now, I have to rank order these things and make choices about what to do .

One major decision

The biggest decision was quality over speed. How to introduce transmedia storytelling (using multiple media in each post/project) into all the things I write. It seems it would make sense and maybe even be fun to introduce a variety of media into each post or story. I’ll get back to you on this.

As social media – Facebook and Youtube – have now won the content wars and video making is more lucrative than text, it’s time for me to move forward in new storytelling directions.

I’m still working this out but I’ll report on it when it starts to come together.

Second Major Decision

It’s very much a realization that I can no longer do it all. (If I ever could) But now, I no longer even trying. Some things have to come off my to-do list. This too is a work in progress.

Third Major Decision

I’m going to write and create in any one of my genres or real-world creative endeavours when and how I please.

Fourth Major Decision

This blog will continue as a text-only blog for the foreseeable future. It gives me a place to write about things that don’t fit in any other genre.

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