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A New Year And I Am Reminded

A new year beckons and I am reminded…

A new year beckons, and it brings along a raft of new hopes and dreams.

But it also seems to bring a renewed stream of problems. The same problems we’ve had for …

Well, for some time.

I’m surprised how some are so afraid of others being different, they’ll go to any lengths to avoid, stop or eliminate a difference. No matter this difference doesn’t have any impact on their life — some folks feel any difference can’t be tolerated.

I am aware of how many people are afraid of change, of something different that’s coming down the pipe at us. And this fear is harnessed by politicians for their own ends.

I see how in the midst of plenty, folks go to church on Sunday but vote to build a wall on Monday. And I do not understand…

How a media-created problem such as a dandelion on a lawn calls for the general nuking by chemicals that leave a scar on our landscape and bodies.

I’m not surprised the Boomers got old. I am surprised some of us went so far to the political right forgetting what it was like to be young with ideas of forging a new world of love.

I am reminded that Jesus was a Jewish, Syrian refugee.

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